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Hossein Goshtasbi

Artistvision:  Hello Hossein, hope you are well, please introduce yourself briefly.

Hossein: Hello, I am Hossein Goshtasbi, Born in 1996.

Artistvision: When did you start photography, and what is your favorite style?

Hossein: I began my journey in photography in 2014, and in 2015, I enrolled in university to formally study the art. While I appreciate various styles of photography, my personal approach revolves around expressing my own concerns, concepts, experiences, and emotions. I strive to depict these elements in a poetic manner, which is why I focus on stage, concept, and pay particular attention to fine art photography.

Artistvision: When and how did you get to know the world of NFT? Did a special person introduce you to this space?

Hossein: From October 2021, I found it interesting that, for the first time, I was sitting in a cafe, working, and there was a nearby table discussing NFTs. I became very curious about it, so I asked them to share their thoughts. Upon returning home, I spent the next few days searching for more information about NFTs, and this curiosity became the spark that led me down this path.

Artistvision: Besides photography, do you have an interest in and follow any other forms of art?

Hossein: I believe that one can develop an interest in anything, but talent is innate. While I may possess multiple talents, I consistently strive to be my best self on the path of my photography art.

Artistvision: In many of your works, you serve as the main subject or model, and I’m curious if this holds a special significance for your audience?

Hossein: The first time I decided to step in front of my own camera was prompted by a unique circumstance. I had prepared a collection, and at the project’s conclusion, the original model did not grant permission for publication. Rather than abandon the work, I embraced the opportunity for self-reflection. This decision became a journey toward self-knowledge, and I am grateful for it.

I often choose not to feature my face prominently in my photos, allowing anyone to identify with the narratives. Over time, capturing self-portraits has evolved into a path and a distinctive aspect of my personal style. Each self-portrait serves as a visual representation of my beliefs and concerns, turning my presence into a tangible reality.

Artistvision: Do you use artificial intelligence in your works, or have you ever considered incorporating it?

Hossein: So far, I haven’t employed artificial intelligence in my photos, as I prefer to preserve their natural essence. Occasionally, in a series of tasks where a single event may not be practically possible, I resort to photomontage—capturing photos in multiple stages or frames and subsequently assembling them myself to achieve the final result.



Artistvision: The atmosphere in your works is often characterized by a foggy and somewhat dark ambiance. Does this space draw inspiration from a particular event in your life?

Hossein: The inclusion of fog in my photos started as a personal favorite and has become one of the signature elements that contribute to the desired tone in my works. I exclusively choose dark hours for my photo sessions, aligning with the story, concept, and storyboard I’ve envisioned. Most of the time, these sessions occur in cloudy weather, avoiding direct sunlight.

Artistvision:  If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

Hossein: Dove; I think you can find the reason in my photos.

Artistvision: As one of the most successful artists in the NFT world, do you personally consider yourself successful in this space?

Hossein: Success, for me, is defined by the steps or stages we set for ourselves. In the realm of NFTs, I see no peak; there are many larger steps ahead of me waiting to be taken.

Artistvision: What advice do you have for new artists seeking effective communication with collectors

Hossein: Undoubtedly, effective communication is crucial in this context, but it’s essential to understand that communication goes beyond direct messages and requests. Safe, correct, and effective communication evolves over time and through knowledge.

Throughout this journey, the consistency of your presence, the manner of your expression, your thoughts, and every action define your story and personality. Authenticity is paramount, and it’s important to recognize that building a brand and personality is a continuous process that requires dedication and ongoing effort.



Artistvision: Are there any other blockchains, aside from Ethereum, that you are considering for minting your works?

Hossein: While this approach might not be entirely conventional, I have built my community and engaged with applicants primarily on the Ethereum blockchain. I’ve established connections and maintained focus within this ecosystem.

Artistvision: If you had the opportunity to meet three prominent artists in this space, who would you choose?

Hossein: Sam Spratt, ACK and Grant Riven Yun

Artistvision: How do you envision the future of the NFT world?

Hossein: While I haven’t glimpsed the distant future, I am committed to doing my best for the path ahead and realizing the potential within my reach.

Artistvision: Thank you for your time. As a final question, what is your biggest dream and life goal, and when do you envision it coming true?

Hossein: In my artistic journey, my goal is to continue growing. I find joy and gratitude in every step and advancement along this path. If the dream seems distant, then that, in itself, is my dream—a world that is loving, freedom, prosperous, and filled with love.

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