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Anna Condo

Milad:  Hello Anna, hope you are well, please briefly tell us about yourself.

Anna:  Hello and thank you.  My name is Anna Condo.  I am a filmmaker, a photographer, and an all-around visual artist and art-lover. Since 2013, my focus has been portraying flowers.


Milad:  Why flowers? What is the origin of this proclivity for flowers? If there is a story behind this passion, please tell it to our readers?

Anna:  Flowers are spirits and souls I can portray in peace and each have their unique traits, just like us humans. They also represent everything I love in the visual world, color, movement, light, etc.

Coming from filmmaking, where I would collaborate with casts and crews, I was looking forward to making art in a more intimate and private setting, and also wanted to experience instant gratification. Plus, shooting flowers is not unlike shooting faces in film, only they are more Zen and as I said earlier, I do feel a dialogue between us when facing flowers.  Creativity is a state of mind, a way of life and I didn’t want to be dependent on others and on budgets to make art. 

Flowers are everywhere.  They are beauty and abundance.  They are resilient and brave, peace and love, the whole gamut.  I am humbled looking at flowers and I can say I have completely surrendered to them and everything they continuasly teach me about existence.  They are my teachers and my friends.

Milad:  When did you get acquainted with crypto and NFT?

Anna: Spring of 2021, I was approached by an anonymous group of cypherpunks asking me if I wanted to collaborate on an NFT collection, Tulip 1637. Reminiscent of the Tulip Mania phenomenon that occurred during the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th Century when prices for Tulip bulbs reached extraordinarily high levels, Tulip 1637 explores this relationship to the contemporary craze for crypto currencies and NFTs.


Milad:  We can observe all colors in your photos, but tell us your favorite one.

Anna:  Just like with flowers, I love them all. Colors are a lifelong passion; I am fascinated by their shades and subtleties.  Harmony between colors, dialogue between subject and color, dialogue between color and light, all this is what moves me. 


Milad:  Describe NFT in four words.

Anna:  Contemporary, decentralized, democratized, creative


Milad:  Are you still exhibit your photos in real galleries? Which one do you prefer?

Anna:  My preference is for my art to land on homes’ walls … a life surrounded with art is a “crème de la crème” existence, next best thing to nature.


Milad:  If you could be any animal in the world, what animal would you be and why?

Anna:  A lioness cause she’s hard-working and powerful, also a protector.  As a bird, I would be an eagle, huge visual range and ability, and again strength and intent.

Milad:  You also buy other artists’ work, and you are persistent and serious about this! Do you know yourself as a professional collector? What’s your goal in collecting other artists’ works?

Anna: Art is what I feel, understand, and think about 24/7 … making art and looking at it is what makes me feel most alive. I am an art-lover, plain and simple.


Milad:  At this point, the price of Ethereum has been decreased to 1100$. Tell us your opinion about it and what’s your prediction of its price by the end of this year?

Anna: It’s a great time to buy great art. I long gave up on predictions, cause they are bound to cloud the brain and possibly disappoint. Day by day is one of my motto and patience and endurance are okay by me.


Milad:  Besides Ethereum, what are your favorite cryptocurrencies? And do you consider minting your works on other blockchains?

Anna:  Have not tried to look beyond Ethereum yet.


Milad:  Metaverse or real-world? Which one do you prefer? And how do you see the future of Metaverse? Doesn’t it s a bit scary behind its all fantastic aspects?

Anna: Both have their place and it depends on the experience one wants to feel. I like looking at art up close and personal, but I am open to being wowed by the metaverse.


Milad: I’m so curious about your Twitter ID, a1111ac011d0. You also established a ENS domain whit this name.

Anna:  If you look closely at the collection address of Tulip 1637, 0xa1111ac011d00888DD91751A4b98769862213cf5 you will notice that it starts with a number of hexadecimal characters that look slightly improbable to occur randomly. This is no accident, and is in fact the result of solving a large computational problem that resulted in a very specific solution called a “frame”. In the case of Tulip 1637, one can see that the address starts with my signature: 0xa1111ac011d0 == 0xANNACONDO. I chose this address for my collection, as visual indicator that I am the creator. So a1111ac011d0 is my digital signature, since letters N and O are not an option, I substituted N with 11 and O with 0 (zero).

Milad:  What are your plans for the future?

Anna:  Keep living life and making art.


Milad:  Do you have any advice for aspiring NFT photographers?

Anna:  Find your voice, focus on your vision, feel joy and gratitude for life and your craft, share your art with the world and work, work, work or to be more precise: create, create, create.


Milad:  Thank you for your time. If you like to further explain any point for our readers, please go ahead. 

Anna:  Thank you and I am very grateful for your interest in my work and hope your readers will love my flowers as much as I love portraying them, thank you.


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    July 9, 2022

    Beautiful work Anna!

    August 2, 2022

    Love your photography dear Anna.

    August 25, 2022

    Nice read!


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